Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) previously published all the issues of BiLD Law Magazine in two different version or medium (print and online) and accordingly the magazine had two different ISSN number. But now the magazine is being published in only online version. Primarily CIEPS had assigned us a provisional ISSN Number for only print version in early 2018 and, after publishing two issues successfully, the magazine managed to secure a permanent ISSN number for the print version. In the meantime, the magazine continued to publish online version and gradually secured ISSN-online number.

As per recommendation of CIEPS, BiLD Law Magazine always places p-ISSN in the upper right corner of its cover. For online version, it is used on the homepage or on the main menu.

Alongside Linking ISSN, the ISSN numbers which BiLD Law Magazine carries now are as follow:

ISSN-L 2617-6971
Online Medium: ISSN 
Print Medium: ISSN 2617-6971

For checking the ISSN print version you can google here, or yahoo here, or even directly visit ISSN portal by clicking here.

For checking the ISSN ID certificate of BiLD Law Magazine, you can click here.