BiLD Law Magazine (ISSN-L 2617-6971) is a core publication for academics, lawyers, policy makers, researchers, students, and any other persons under legal domain. The magazine publishes a remarkable number of writings in different segments and brings information and news to the legal community as well as providing a platform to spotlight the people, events and happenings of the legal industry. Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) is publishing the magazine in quarterly basis where researchers of all ages can contribute. Currently it is being published only online.


Yes. BiLD Law Magazine is a single blind peer reviewed magazine. All the creative writings are strictly reviewed before publication in the magazine.

The magazine is open for everyone. Anyone form any discipline can submit writings in BiLD Law Magazine. The only condition is that the writing must be under legal domain.

We strongly recommend that you will carefully read through the Submission Guidelines before submitting your writings in response to the Call for Writings.

  • Each writing must be genuine and has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere either in printed form or electric version and the writing must be submitted electronically (.doc file) to magazine@bildbd.org
  • Authors are responsible for the copyrighted materials used and commentaries made in their writings.
  • The writing must be no more than 2500 (two thousands & five hundreds) words.
  • A soft version of recent passport size colorful photo and the full designation with academic or other affiliation of the author must be added with the writing.

BiLD Law magazine specially focuses on some segments like Agricultural Law, Arbitration Law, Entertainment Law, Sea Law, Space Law, Sports Law, International Law, Law & Literature. Any writing upon these segments will get preference. After submitting the manuscript, you will get feedback from us before finishing our deadline. If you do not get any feedback then feel free to submit your manuscript to somewhere else or call us overphone.

Note: All writings will be screened by the editorial panel, and may be subject to alterations regarding language and formatting as deemed by the Panel. Right to publish any contribution is reserved, and the decision of the Editorial Panel will be final.

The magazine wants to be unique by its quality. Currently it is publishing writings on the following segments:

  • column relating to any topics of law
  • biography of any legal scholar
  • special column on law & literature
  • interview of any person under legal domain
  • book review
  • feature on any legal events
  • campus profile
  • special column on medical law, environment law, sports law, etc.
  • contemporary judgment analysis
  • contemporary legislation analysis